SeedWise.Capital is an investment fund that banks on the future of money being digital and global. We discovered the growing value of cryptocurrencies some years ago and haven’t looked back since.

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what does seedwise do?

Money is for paying, saving and accounting. In official terms, money is a medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value. Our Euro is great for paying and accounting, but we have no returns on out saving s account and our Euro is at risk. The future of storing value and money itself is in digital and that’s why SeedWise.Capital invests in cryptocurrencies

The problem

Our savings in the bank have no return and our Euro is at risk. Buying bitcoin as alternave is also risky but at SeedWise we manage these risks.

The solution

We store value on the open and most secure blockchain, as part of a portfolio and partly as a hedge against the systemic risk inherent in our financial system.

Our Offer

We store bitcoin ultrasecure under Swiss law protection. We hedge the volatility with stop loss orders and options. We generate great returns.

The Market

Blockchain technology allows us to store value safely without the need for trusted third parties. .

The network effect

Bitcoin is growing because of the network effect and the network effect in money is truly global.

Our business model

We provide better, faster and safer execution than other funds.

Meet the Team

Seb Walhain
Eric Boonman
Carlos Torres